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Winter in Canada!

Short days and cold weather heralds the changed landscape and seasonal colours that nature showcases in winter. Dark emerald greens of the conifir trees mix with muted shades of reds and purples on berry bushes, and forgotten golden seed pods on sleeping grasses. Some determined deciduous leaves in their colours of caramel and chocolate still hang on to wispy branches as the snow falls from grey-white clouds.

Small animals and birds continue to dart here and there, rummaging for food for the worst days of winter. If it's mild, they will continue to play and forage in the sparkling snow, and will hide from stormy weather in the great cedars and blue spruce which protect them.

Winter in Canada - a beautiful time of year!

Just like nature, handcrafted jewellery can come in the most amazing combinations or materials.

Discover our Marival Designs' Rustic & Leather Collection ... inspired by the land, water and sky elements found in this beautiful part of the world - the Grand River valley in southwestern Ontario.

Using metals such as silver and copper, organics such as leather, and natural stones such as pearls and gemstones, some which are common to the area, the Rustic & Leather Collection appeals to those who enjoy the many delights of nature.

Why do people love Marival Designs?

It's simple....Marival Designs is

HAND CRAFTED jewellery – stylish and affordable
ORIGINAL designs – unique and special

Marival Designs' Rustic & Leather Collection is available at the annual juried artisan show and sale Christmas in Paris, held the second weekend of November in Paris ON. The 26th Annual Christmas in Paris is November 11 and 12, 2017.

Check out some samples.... by browsing below.

Please note that Christmas in Paris 2017 was a huge success, and many of the samples shown have sold. However if you noticed a style online that you like, please email me and I would be delighted to work with you to custom make your own personal piece.

Or, if you have a design in mind that is your own, please contact me and we can work together to create a special artisan piece.

Many designs have found homes all over the world - Australia, India, Scotland, Hungary, China, and many locations in the US and Canada.

I provide safe, secure purchases via email using PayPal, or e-transfer. If you live nearby in Southern Ontario, I'd love to meet you! In that case, personal cheque or cash is also acceptable.

Thank you!


SOLD OUT - The 2017 Stratford Festival Theatre Shakespeare Charms Collection by Marival Designs, was once again very popular this summer. Thank you to patrons of the Stratford Festival!

The new 2018 collection is available from April to November.

This is the 8th year for the very popular Shakespeare Charms Collection. The themed antique bronze charms represent the annual offering of plays and musicals. These charms are only available at the Stratford Festival.

Please check the Stratford Festival's store hours at Stratford Shakespeare Festival Theatre Store, in Stratford ON.

Rustic & Leather Collection

This image gallery represents examples of custom designs. If you are interested in any pieces, please let me know. Approximate pricing in Canadian dollars (CAD) is shown. We are always adding more for every season - so come back often...

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